What is Included in OARv2.0 and Links to Access the Data

The genome assembly and the full set of scaffold sequences are available to be downloaded from here

The assembly is also accessible via a GBrowse interface which incorporates a series of genome feature tracks hosted on CSIRO's Livestock Genomics site.

This has BLAST functionality to allow users to search the assembly with input sequence from genes of interest.

A preliminary annotation of the genes is available to download and display on the genome browser.

OARv2.0 should be considered a working draft release that contains both known and unknown errors and discrepancies. For example, the ISGC is aware of examples where sequence contigs are correctly assigned to a genomic location in an orientation inconsistent with analysis of related species. If you believe that you have identified a discrepancy in the data, please contact the consortium (via Brian.Dalrymple@csiro.au) as we work to improve the current release. A list is known problems is available here and changes since v2.0 was released are also available.