Project Goals

Project Goal Status
BAC library completed
BAC end sequences completed
Virtual sheep genome version 1.2 released November 2006
Genome Biology 2007 manuscript
RH panels completed
Public EST resources initial sequences released to public September 2006
Expression arrays cDNA and oligo arrays available from various groups
Sanger resequencing & pilot 1.5k Illumina sheep SNP chip resequencing and genotyping completed 2007,
PLOS ONE 2009 manuscript
3k linkage and RH maps including 1.5k SNP chip Started November 2007 and subsequently used in the genome assembly
3x Ovine Genome sequence & 50k SNP chip
Updated 13/1/09
completed 2008
Ovine HapMap based on 50k SNP chip animal DNA collection 2008, genotyping completed Jan 2009,
PLOS Biology 2012 manuscript
50k linkage and RH maps commenced January 2009 and subsequently used in the genome assembly
high quality reference genome sequence Completed and published as version OARv3.1,
Science 2014 manuscript
SNP loci for parentage SNP Based Parentage Assignment in Sheep: Application in Australian Flocks
ISAG Sheep Presentation
Success rates of commercial SNP based parentage assignment in sheep
AAABG 2013 paper
A High Throughput Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Multiplex Assay for Parentage Assignment in New Zealand Sheep
Clarke PLOS ONE 2014
SNPs for Parentage Testing and Traceability in Globally Diverse Breeds of Sheep
Heaton PLOS ONE 2014
Resequencing of sheep breed diversity panel and HD SNP chip development (606K SNPs) Creation and Utilisation of the ovine HD SNP chip for meat quality traits in NZ composite terminal sire breeds
Clarke PAG 2015
Linkage disequilibrium over short physical distances measured in sheep using a high‚Äźdensity SNP chip
Kijas Animal Genetics 2014
SheepGenome Database project Run 2: 935 samples, 21 countries, 69 breeds complete, Run3 3522 animals completed
LD SNP chip creation to enable industry application The ISGC have developed and made available via Illumina low (15k), mid (50K) and High (600K) SNP arrays. The 15K and 50K are publicly available with the 600K available on request from Illumina and Please acknowledge the ISGC when utilising these chips. Mapping for public ovine chips onto OARv3.1, OARv4.0 and Rambouillet genomes are available at SNP chip genome mappings
ARS-UI_Ramb_v2.0 genome assembly The ISGC has been involved in updated genome assemblies of the sheep genome including the latest: An improved ovine reference genome assembly to facilitate in-depth functional annotation of the sheep genome Davenport et al. GigaScience, Volume 11, 2022, giab096, link